This is All About the 2 Carat Engagement Rings


The design in the marquise engagement rings can be credited for the King of France, Louis XIV. He so loved the smile of Marquise de Pompadour he order a diamond ring cut in their shape. This would tell him of her smile at all times. The diamond itself is an elongated oval that comes to 2 points on either end. There are 56 different facets on this diamond that sparkles with brilliance, a primary reason for its popularity. Near the center can be a “bow tie effect”. The more pronounce the bow tie appears the less proportional the cut of the diamond is as well as the value drops.

The sapphire will be the birthstone for September and is also said to protect an individual wearing it from envy, along with attracting divine favour. These are two excellent reasons for wearing sapphires, whether your birthday is in September! Sapphires certainly are a very unisex stone, probably for their blue colour, however they really do make spectacular cufflinks. A lovely idea as engagement presents one to the other would be cufflinks for the groom to get and a sapphire ring or sapphire earrings to the bride. Sapphires have featured in most very beautiful as well as over the top Bulgari jewellery and there’s something regarding the lovely blue colour which appears to lend the stones so well to both modern and vintage designs.

Choosing the perfect ring will not be taken lightly. It needs to fit her fashion style and her personality, so the first thing you need to do is some investigative work. Talk to friends and find out what her preferences are in terms of engagement rings. You may have already discussed it among yourselves, which would be worthwhile.

Even if you intend presenting the ring like a surprise, you would be wise to get her input for the style of the ring before you buy. Engagement rings might be solitaires, clusters, trilogies or eternity style. They can have other gemstones since the center stone and diamond accents, or the other way round. And the central gemstone itself could be varied cut shapes. Get it wrong and she or he will be disappointed.

It’s important never to just count on others for help; take note of your girlfriend’s needs and wants in terms of jewelry. What kind of jewelry does she wear over a day-to-day basis? Does she wear a great deal of gold jewellery or does she prefer platinum? Has she expressed an interest in gemstones apart from diamonds, such as sapphires?